Humana Insurance Company Review

Humana offers a wide range of healthcare plans for individuals and families. They offer Medicare Advantage, prescription drug coverage, group health insurance for small businesses and the self-funded marketplace, as well as individual and family dental, vision and life insurance. They also offer telemedicine, member discounts, and wellness programs.

In 2024, the company was named the best provider of Medicare Advantage plans by J.D. Power based on customer satisfaction ratings for claims, information and communication, cost, health plan selection and service, and billing and payment. It also has a good reputation for its low premium plans. In fact, around 9,000 of its Medicare Advantage plans have a $0 Part C premium and 91 percent of those include a $0 Part D premium as well.

The company has been one of the largest players in the individual exchanges but has recently scaled back its presence, joining the ranks of other national insurers that have seen their enrollment numbers stall on the market. The Louisville, Kentucky-based insurer continues to focus on its core markets of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid, along with employer groups.

The company has an extensive range of customer support options, including phone, email, online portal, Twitter Q&A sessions and a mobile app for general questions. They also provide helpful online resources for members such as a medical dictionary and a tool to compare costs and benefits. Once a claim has been submitted, the member will receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) that details what services have been paid and what remains to be paid.